How to order

Important steps before your order.

1. Which color of animal would you like?
The best thing to do is to send me a photo of the animal you want me to make.

2. What color of eyes do you want?
I’m trying to make the animals look realistic like they can be found in nature, but if you are interested in any other color, it is not a problem.

3. Would you like the animal with teeth?
I can make headdress with or without teeth.

4. Is this a standalone headdress or a mask headdress combo?
It is possible to make only animal head without hoodie. Or head with whole animal body ( rear legs, front legs, tail). Check the picture.

5. Is this a clean-cut piece or one with a jagged cut?
It is possible to make clean cut of ending of the fur or jagged. Check the picture.

6. Would you like to add any additional body parts (body, front and/ or back paws, tail, claws)?
All is optional. It is posible to make only the head with a hoodie and front legs. Check the picture.

7. Are there any additional modifications you would like to request?
It is possible to add scars, damaged eyes, or ears. Check the picture.

Contact me

Fur design

You can choose the design of your new Pet.


Choose your new Pet.

If you want something else, do not hesitate and contact me.