Terms & Conditions

Please be patient and thorough when reading this input information.

Payment methods

My workshop offers two payment methods on all made-to-order.


Swift + IBAN

Terms and conditions of a payment plan are as follows, irrespective of the duration of the plan or the value of the item. My terms are quite strict, so please take them to heart when placing an order.
Though they sound rather harsh, the bottom line is that we agree on a plan and both do our best to respect and honor it.
If the workshop offers the product in stock, payment is possible exclusively in the full value of the given product. It is not possible to divide the amount into parts.

Payment conditions

I always take a 50% deposit of the value
of the order in advance.

Order cancellation and refunds will not be
possible after the payment start date.

Production begins upon payment completion
and will take 3 to 5 weeks on average for most orders.

Payments delayed beyond 72 hours (3 days) without
advance communication of the reason will void the order entirely.

After the completion of production, I require
additional payment of the balance, which is 50% of the value of the product.

If your order is canceled during the production
process, the deposit is not returned.

Delivery time

Production begins after payment of the deposit for the product. As a rule, it is a maximum of 5 weeks. However, I always try to deliver the product earlier if the conditions allow it.

Any terminated orders will not be up for debate as clients are expected to have reviewed these terms prior to purchase. Clients will always be sent a link to this page to review prior to payment. Therefore, the consequences should not come as a surprise should an order be terminated. You will simply receive an email stating that your order has been terminated.

Cancellation of the order

Order cancellation is possible only before payment.

Cancellation of the order is possible free of charge only before the payment of the deposit. After payment of the deposit, I will start production. The deposit is non-refundable.

Order cancellation and refunds will not be possible after the payment start date!

As an independent artist, I place a high value on my time. I expect others to be respectful of my time as well. By the time we've gotten to the payment stage on payment plans, I've already spent a good amount of time planning with my client and have also reserved them a commission slot which would otherwise be available for someone else to take. I have great respect for my clients; I take them and their projects seriously, and I trust them to have the same respect for my time and schedule.

Terms of Delivery

I deliver worldwide.

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with your country’s postage and customs laws. Clients will be fully responsible for taxes and fees when the shipment enters their country.

Materials for production

I use synthetic fur only. The entire mask is made of synthetic materials out of consideration for living creatures.

Care of your pet and product

These animal masks are made to be used, but they are also a work of art. Please treat them with respect. They also require some care to extend their lifespan.

Heat and moisture

It’s imperative that clients understand that these pieces are not weatherproof. You must avoid exposing them to intense heat, whether direct or indirect. Do not leave an animal in a hot car or intense direct sunlight on a hot day, as this will jeopardize the integrity of adhesives used to create it. I use industrial-grade adhesives but do not risk exposure to intense heat. Intense heat is generally anything over 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you should be aware of its well-being on hotter days as well as when storing away your headpiece. Make sure your headpiece is propped up properly and stored at a cool or room temperature.

Similarly, try not to get your animal wet, especially if you have a shaded, striped, or spotted beast. This means you can’t wash your animal. If your headdress gets very wet, use a highly absorbent cloth or paper towel to gently dab the excess water dry (do not rub), then allow the piece to air dry. Avoid using an air dryer or heater, and never ever put synthetic fur in a dryer. It’s best to allow the animal to dry slowly. If you do, however, live in a very humid location, you may utilize a heater or blow-dryer, granted you keep the heat source far away and make sure it is not heating the fur. A common question that comes up is can I waterproof my prop somehow? You can use suede waterproofing sprays, but please be advised that I can’t guarantee this method in any way. It is a possible option and will require re-application with use.

If your headdress has tinting, then it is very important that you do not rub it down to dry. Some of the dyes used are water-soluble, and you risk smearing it. Once the headdress is 90% dry, brush the fur gently once or twice to ensure the fur maintains its natural direction and does not become matted as it dries. Once dry, you can brush it completely. Again, this does not mean your headdress will become a mess of bleeding dye and ruined fur if it gets wet; it means you should be cognizant of exposing it to excessive moisture.

That said, a very light drizzle of rain isn’t usually a problem.

Of course, heavy rain damages these products. Keep this in mind if you plan to march in an event with a mask.

Product weight

The masks I make are very light. The base is EVA foam or 3D printing, and the total weight of the mask rarely exceeds 600 grams. For this reason, it is possible to wear the mask all day without any problems.